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I am the founder of the first all girls tackle football league in the country. Starting with just 50 girls, the league has now grown to over 700. It is inspiring to see girls given the chance to play something that has never been offered before. If you think football is just for boys, think again. 

Advocating for Change

I have helped create new legislation in Utah which requires schools to report their Title IX numbers. 


I filed a Title IX Law Suit against my High School Districts in 2018. This case was settled just a few weeks ago with the addition of competitive girls wrestling and cheer, a Title IX coordinator at each school, and several additional elements to make girl's sports more accessible and supported. 

I am currently partnered with UnderArmour and Playcoach to help make the game more accessible.


Marketing and Growth

I have had the opportunity to support and help grow the league in several different capacities. 


I aid in marketing to help promote the league. Some roles include editing social content, speaking at school assemblies, and creating posters. 


I help organize and plan events for the league to encourage community and grass-roots growth. This Thanksgiving I organized a “Turkey Bowl” with custom t-shirts and MVP prizes from UnderArmour. I created the marketing material and plan myself and, despite the snow, successfully drew in enough people for 3 full fields.

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