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My Passion

Storytelling in Sports

Media has the power To inspire Change, to amplify voices, to challenge us all to do more. I want to be a part of something that Makes an impact.


Someone told my story, and It changed my life. 


My name is Sam Gordon. As a nine year old I played football against the boys and had a season that changed my life forever. After a viral video I was thrown into the media world and fell in love with it. Every interview and camera crew visit was an opportunity for me to ask questions and discover the incredible power of film. I plan to pursue a career in Sports Media, to tell powerful and inspiring stories the same way mine was told. 


I am a current Junior studying Film and Psychology at Columbia University. After being accepted into the University, I walked on and started for the Columbia Women's Soccer Team. During my three years with the team I've served on leadership council and helped create social content.  We just finished a historic season, making it to the NCAA 2nd round for the first time in program history.

I am passionate about expanding opportunities for girls in sports, specifically in football. My work with the Utah Girls Tackle Football League is just the beginning of what I hope to accomplish.

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